Maintain your Car Refrigeration – The air conditioning / AC unit.

Refrigeration also has a place in your car! That’s right. Your car’s AC unit works like a fridge too.

Are you starting to think your car’s air conditioning (AC) is not working as efficiently as it used to? Does it seem to smell a bit strange? Well, if it does, it’s time to get get it serviced.

There could be germs floating around inside the car because bacteria have built up in the system. Here are some tips about what you can do to keep it working in tip top, healthy, condition. If you can’t take care of this checklist yourself, you can drop by Clearview Car Care in Downtown Frederick MD. It can all be done while you take a walk into the town and check out the shops or grab lunch at somewhere like Firestones on West Patrick Street,

  1. Whether it’s Winter or Summer, it’s good practice to turn on the AC at least every week or two and give it a blast for about 10 to 15 minutes. When I say blast, I mean turn the fan full on. To enable the compressor to keep working efficiently, it needs to flex its muscles every so often.
  2. If there’s a defrost setting, give that a go too. No need to run it for as long as the AC but make sure it’s fully cranked.That smell I commented on? That would be mildew that has built up because of the moisture that accumulates. This is not healthy and the sooner it is cleared out and any spores killed off, the better. This is important especially for people who have allergies that affect their respiratory systems.
  3. AC is also useful during the winter time. Some cars have a tendency to get steamy windows on cold, damp mornings. Your car’s air conditioning is designed to clear humidity from inside the car. SO turn it on and see how it does a great job. I know we all want the heat to kick in ASAP but that needs to wait for the engine to warm up. While that’s happening, your AC can clear the windscreen so that you can at least see where you’re going.
  4. Top up your air conditioning with freon. Freon is the gas inside the car’s air conditioning system. Over the period of a couple of years, the freon level will drop, decreasing the AC’s efficiency. Have that checked out every other year and have us lubricate the system too.
  5. Complete AC Service. If you have your AC serviced regularly, you are far less likely to run into expensive repair scenarios. If a leak is detected, it can be taken care of and repaired, before it gets beyond repair. Everything can be inspected, cleaned, freon topped up etc., leaving you to be cool during those summer months.
  6. Clean the AC vents when you clean your car.  The narrow spaces between a car’s air conditioning vents can be difficult to clean using a cloth. However, inexpensive foam paintbrushes make the job quick and easy. Clean your A/C vents once every month or two, or more often if you notice they become dusty. If you smell a moldy odor when you turn your A/C on, clean your vent system using a disinfectant spray cleaner. To prevent mold growth, periodically dry out your vent system by blowing your fan on max with the A/C off, and be sure to clear away any debris that collects around the exterior air intakes.